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歐國盃2024直播賽程時間表 NowTV獨家直播51場 大部分深夜開波

All 24 teams were born during the final week of the European Nations Cup 2024, and the live schedule of the group stage has also been finalized. The 51 matches of this year's European Cup will be exclusively broadcast live on Now TV. Most of the matches will start at 12:00 and 3:00 pm Hong Kong time. Only 7 group matches will start at 9:00 pm in Hong Kong's "prime time". Hong Kong fans can watch the European Cup live broadcast on compatible mobile phones, tablets or smart TVs through Now TV set-top boxes and/or Now TV applications, and can also use on-demand services to relive the exciting moments of the European Cup matches. Opens at 12 o'clock or 3 o'clock most nights The European Cup 2024 has 36 group matches, played from June 14 to June 26, followed by the knockout stage, from the top 16 to the final, a total of 15 games, played from June 29 to July 14. Among the 36 group matches, only 7 games start at 9pm Hong Kong time. The most interesting one is Poland versus the Netherlands on Sunday, June 16. The remaining 6 "9 o'clock" games are not games between traditional European teams. . Twelve group matches will be held at 12pm Hong Kong time, and the remaining 17 games will be played at 3pm. Many exciting group stage matches are scheduled at 3pm in Hong Kong, including Spain vs. Italy late at night on June 20th, and Netherlands vs. France late at night on June 21st. The third round of group matches, which determines the fate of the final qualifying group, is all scheduled to be held at 12 o'clock or 3 o'clock in the evening Hong Kong time. England's three group matches were all played late at night. The first round against Serbia was at 3pm on June 16th, the second round against Denmark was at 12pm on June 20th, and the third round against Slovenia was on June 25th. 3pm late at night. All knockout matches will be held late at night, Hong Kong time, with the semi-finals and finals starting at 3pm.

The Holy Path School x Arsenal (Hong Kong) Football School Invitational Tournament was held at the Jockey Club Hong Kong Football Association Football Training Center at the end of last month. The event is hosted by the China Evangelical Church Holy Word School and the Autism Innovation and Technology Application Lifelong Support Program, and is co-organized by Arsenal (Hong Kong) Football School. The event not only aims to cultivate students' sports habits, but also allows parents to have more expectations and expectations for their children. hope. Football is a team sport and a very popular competitive game around the world. In recent years, the China Evangelistic Church Holy Word School and the Autism Innovation and Technology Application Lifelong Support Program have been committed to promoting M.A.S.S. (M Music, A Visual Arts, S Sports and S Technology Creativity), developing football programs, and even established a team of moderately mentally retarded students. and a football team that includes students on the autism spectrum. After playing in the Guangzhou Liwan District Special Olympics Football Invitational Tournament, the Holy Soccer team returned to Hong Kong's home court and participated in the "Holy Soccer School x Arsenal" at the Jockey Club Hong Kong Football Association Football Training Center on April 30. Hong Kong) Football School" Football Invitational Tournament. The event is hosted by the China Evangelical Church Holy Word School and the Autism Innovation and Technology Application Lifelong Support Program, and is co-organized by Arsenal (Hong Kong) Football School. The event not only aims to showcase the training results of the athletes, but also emphasizes the recognition and encouragement of the students. Let parents and the public have higher expectations and hopes for children with special needs. Ko Chi-chao, chairman of Arsenal (Hong Kong) Football School, believes that co-organizing this event is particularly meaningful because it combines parent-child experience activities and invites different types of special schools to participate to promote football culture and expose more families to football. Mr. Gao pointed out that football has many benefits for school children’s physical health. Football is a whole-body sport that requires running and jumping. It can exercise the body, enhance cardiopulmonary function, improve physical health, cultivate exercise habits, and make football a leisure activity for them. Dr. Lin Jiayi, principal of Christian Missionary School in China, pointed out that in addition to establishing the sports habits of autistic students, the football development program can also improve their concentration. During the game, students need to pay attention to the position of the ball, the actions of teammates and opponents. , and make timely responses to improve observation and concentration. Principal Lin pointed out that when she observed student training, she found that students need to make different judgments and decisions in different situations, which also helps improve problem-solving, critical thinking and teamwork skills. Dr. Liang Jinbo, co-director of the Autism Innovation and Technology Application Lifelong Support Program, pointed out that the A.U.T.I.S.M. program has been implemented for three years and has served more than 160,000 people. This year is the last year of the program, "Holy Path School x Arsenal (Hong Kong) Football School" The Football Invitational Tournament just showcases the results of the A.U.T.I.S.M. program in promoting M.A.S.S., allowing people on the autism spectrum to shine. In addition to the "Football Invitational Tournament", the plan will also hold the "International Autism Development Conference and the Mainland and Hong Kong Autism Education and Development Seminar" at the Cheng Ka-shun International Conference Center of the Chinese University of China on the 25th of this month. The seminar will invite foreign, mainland and Hong Kong experts and scholars shared and conducted professional exchanges on autism research and the latest developments. They also took this opportunity to connect special education institutions and units in the mainland and Hong Kong to form the "Autism Education Development Alliance" to improve service quality and promote all walks of life and The autism spectrum community works together to create a caring and inclusive society.


The author is a football fan and will watch different events in front of the TV on Saturday and Sunday nights. He will also choose 4K ultra-high-definition live broadcasts to watch. After all, the detailed viewing experience brought by high-definition football events is absolutely pleasing to the eye. However, an earlier report stated that the upcoming Europa League finals and European Nations Cup finals week will not be shot in 4K resolution, but will be shot in full HD HDR format because of "broadcasters and game broadcast rights." Lack of interest on the part of the holder”. The IBC report states that the European Football Association (UEFA) has decided that the Europa League final to be held on June 1 and the European Nations Cup final week starting at the end of June will only be shot in full high-definition HDR format. Why is it temporarily abandoning 4K resolution and switching to full HD HDR format? UEFA said that "broadcasters and game broadcast rights holders lack interest". It believes that equipment upgrades in response to 4K resolution broadcast will increase the cost, but consumers will not Too willing to pay higher viewing fees for improved picture quality, and if viewers choose between 4K high resolution and HDR effect, they will prefer the latter because the bright and dark details of the picture will be clearer and the viewing effect will be better good. It seems that due to cost issues, the main reason why the relevant parties chose to shoot in the full HD HDR format instead of 4K resolution is that it is still unknown whether other national leagues will follow suit in the future.